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How To Use Twitter Video below is a quick, fun, informative tutorial that just goes over the basics of how to use Twitter. Twitter has become a very powerful tool in the Social Media space. When used correctly, Twitter can catapult you, your brand and your company directly to your target audience’s eyes in seconds. Take a look at the video below for some basic Twitter knowledge. If you are really looking for rapid growth however, you will need a savvy, experienced Social Media Consultant (such as myself) to manage your social media account(s). I can quickly/easily multiply your social status in fractions of the time it would take you, just by using the many tools and techniques I have developed over the years!


Twitter is rapidly becoming the gold standard for every business person’s Social Media portfolio in addition to significantly increasing value to every business organization on the planet. Google Plus isn’t far behind, but for now, Facebook is quickly dying and Twitter is growing in popularity and functionality. The importance of building a strong social media presence is paramount to every Business Person, Organization and Brand. One of the greatest benefits of Twitter is your ability to connect directly to your target demographic multiple times throughout the day. Twitter is a great resource for content distribution on the web. If you need to connect directly with a mass group of people very quickly, Twitter is a great solution.


I hope you found this article to be fun and informative! If you are interested in a  serious Twitter Campaign shoot me an email, a call or just comment below and leave your contact information. As an experienced Social Media Consultant, I can share much more in-depth tools and techniques in person or over the phone than I will via my website.


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Anica Martin Social Media Consultant

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